Struggling Seasons

3 03 2014

Spring and Winter duel

Skirmishes of warmth and light –

Icy air resists


1 03 2014

Basking in the sun

Although t’was not directly…

Cat facing window

Cat Fur

23 02 2014

The scent of cat fur

Mildly earthy with sweet notes –

Nay, it smells of warmth

Sun Spot

8 03 2010

Carefully picked spot

Cat sleeping in the garden

Caressed by the Sun

City Sunrise

27 02 2010

The Sun’s reflection

Rising on the skyscrapers

Warming steel structures

Spring Breeze

26 02 2010

Walking in a shade

Stepping into the Sun’s rays —

Embracing Spring’s breeze


24 02 2010

Pouring down with rain

Whilst I enter the bookstore —

A fine blast of heat

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