Spring Cleaning

18 04 2014

As the dust scattered

So did the cherry blossoms –

Rug on a clothes line


20 03 2014

Glad to be back home

Petals adorn my doorstep

Rows of blossom trees


2 03 2014

The light pink blossoms

Seem out of place amidst the

Cloudy barren grey



22 02 2014

A brilliant white

Branches restricting its light

From claiming the night

Angkor Wat

8 03 2010

Abandoned temple

Trees and plants have taken root

Reclaimed by nature

After Rain II

23 02 2010

Silvery trails

That pond-like smell fills the air —

Raindrop from a leaf

Forest Sunlight

19 02 2010

Sun filtering through

Treetops, pockets of sunlight —

Soil damp and cool


19 02 2010

One by one, the trees

Fall down in the rainforest —

Indigenous tears

Emerald Light

16 02 2010

Light of emerald

An arch of green leaves above

Above that — the Sun

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