Humming Bird

23 02 2014

Glistening in the Sun

Just larger than bleeding hearts –

Beak moist with nectar


20 02 2014

Birds singing outside

The light of day creeping in –

Nature’s alarm clock

Grey Clouds

18 03 2010

The sun is shining

Yet grey clouds are closing in

Time to go inside


8 03 2010

Rising in the East

Peaks high above our heads

Setting in the West

Sun Spot

8 03 2010

Carefully picked spot

Cat sleeping in the garden

Caressed by the Sun

Desert Sunrise

2 03 2010

Silently rising —

Sand begins to change colour

Yet it remains cool

Bamboo Sunset

1 03 2010

Chewing on bamboo

Without a care in the world —

The Sun slowly sinks

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