Many Blossoms

24 04 2015

Cherry blossoms fall

Whilst those of apple and plum

Stay fragrant, intact

Spring Cleaning

18 04 2014

As the dust scattered

So did the cherry blossoms –

Rug on a clothes line

Apple Blossom Tree

13 04 2014

Sniffing the blossoms

Bob is enjoying the scent

As much as I am


Front Yard Flowers

9 04 2014

Sweet and honey like

Greets me each morning and night –

Unsure of their name



23 03 2014

Some of them splatter

Whilst others simply bounce off –

Hailstones on windscreen


20 03 2014

Glad to be back home

Petals adorn my doorstep

Rows of blossom trees

Weekend Weather

8 03 2014

Evening air lingers

With the smell of barbecue…

End to a fine day

Morning Songs

8 03 2014

Sitting on the step

In the brightness of morning –

Different bird songs

Smells like Spring

5 03 2014

Inhale cool fresh air

A touch of freshly cut grass –

Sound of lawnmower

Struggling Seasons

3 03 2014

Spring and Winter duel

Skirmishes of warmth and light –

Icy air resists

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