5th November

5 11 2016

Sounds of a warzone

Blended with laughter –

They are fortunate

A Night to Remember

22 09 2016

Above us – the stars

Talking of our dreams and hopes

Majestic stingray

Bedside Reads

27 04 2014

The stroke of midnight

Entering a world of fiction –

Before one of dreams

Weekend Weather

8 03 2014

Evening air lingers

With the smell of barbecue…

End to a fine day

Night’s Music

2 03 2014

The patter of rain

Mellowing constant rhythms –

Music of the night

Her Eyes

1 03 2014

Large orbs of onyx

Mesopotamian eyes –

Lost in desert night


22 02 2014

A brilliant white

Branches restricting its light

From claiming the night

Garden at Night

8 04 2010

The garden at night

Fresh scent of clothes on the line

And the air is cool

Night Winds

15 03 2010

The howling wind

Calling out in the darkness

A language I know not

Cat’s Eyes

13 03 2010

Innocent in day

Menacing eyes in the night

The moon’s reflection