A Night to Remember

22 09 2016

Above us – the stars

Talking of our dreams and hopes

Majestic stingray

Many Blossoms

24 04 2015

Cherry blossoms fall

Whilst those of apple and plum

Stay fragrant, intact


26 09 2014

Spotlights from the sky

Breaching the afternoon clouds –

View from a windscreen


Fajr (Dawn)

16 07 2014

Light from the full moon

In total serenity –

Prostrating on grass

Above the Grapevines

25 05 2014

Orange, green and blue

Make a wonderful display –

Above the grapevine beams


Sunday Afternoon

18 05 2014

The sound of water

An aeroplane over head –

Green caterpillars


Apple Blossom Tree

13 04 2014

Sniffing the blossoms

Bob is enjoying the scent

As much as I am


The Bee

4 04 2014

Majestic looking

I thought it was dead until

It started to twitch



23 03 2014

Some of them splatter

Whilst others simply bounce off –

Hailstones on windscreen

Morning Songs

8 03 2014

Sitting on the step

In the brightness of morning –

Different bird songs

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