Tell Me About Yourself…

30 05 2017

I like to play chess

And I’m fond of haikus too – 

See what I did there?

Bedside Reads

27 04 2014

The stroke of midnight

Entering a world of fiction –

Before one of dreams

The Waiting

20 03 2014

Two month wait begins…

Reunited even though

We have yet to meet

Three Words

6 03 2014

To say those three words

What the heart already knows…

Time and place is key

Her Eyes

1 03 2014

Large orbs of onyx

Mesopotamian eyes –

Lost in desert night


27 02 2014

To reclaim a name

With such negativity –

Seeker of knowledge

Arsenal F.C.

26 02 2014

Waiting since nine years

For a glimpse of silverware –

To be a Gooner