Tell Me About Yourself…

30 05 2017

I like to play chess

And I’m fond of haikus too – 

See what I did there?

5th November

5 11 2016

Sounds of a warzone

Blended with laughter –

They are fortunate


6 10 2016

Two flies encircle

The dead rat on the shed roof

A gift from my cat

Colourful Lights

4 10 2016

​Motions of bowing

Kneeling and heads prostrated –

Sunlight through stained glass


27 09 2016

Not much of a choice

Rhetoric and promises

Soon to be broken

Monday Morning

26 09 2016

The weekend’s no more

People reminiscing theirs

Office kitchen chat


23 09 2016

Summer fades away

Cooler is the morning air –

The smell of coffee

A Night to Remember

22 09 2016

Above us – the stars

Talking of our dreams and hopes

Majestic stingray

Many Blossoms

24 04 2015

Cherry blossoms fall

Whilst those of apple and plum

Stay fragrant, intact


11 02 2015

From all directions

An assault on the senses –

A thousand welcomes


Souq in Marrakech

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