6 10 2016

Two flies encircle

The dead rat on the shed roof

A gift from my cat

Fajr (Dawn)

16 07 2014

Light from the full moon

In total serenity –

Prostrating on grass

Above the Grapevines

25 05 2014

Orange, green and blue

Make a wonderful display –

Above the grapevine beams


Sunday Afternoon

18 05 2014

The sound of water

An aeroplane over head –

Green caterpillars


Spring Cleaning

18 04 2014

As the dust scattered

So did the cherry blossoms –

Rug on a clothes line

Apple Blossom Tree

13 04 2014

Sniffing the blossoms

Bob is enjoying the scent

As much as I am


Front Yard Flowers

9 04 2014

Sweet and honey like

Greets me each morning and night –

Unsure of their name


Morning Songs

8 03 2014

Sitting on the step

In the brightness of morning –

Different bird songs

Smells like Spring

5 03 2014

Inhale cool fresh air

A touch of freshly cut grass –

Sound of lawnmower

The Return

18 02 2014

The two cats come in

Fresh from the rainy garden –

Paw prints everywhere!

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