3 04 2014

Saharan sandstorm

European emmissions –



15 03 2014

Living side by side

Might as well be worlds apart –

City of contrasts


Inside the Old City - Jerusalem

Jerusalem Rain

13 03 2014

Continuous rain

Life under occupation –

Shimmering and proud


Dome of the Rock - Jerusalem, Palestine

Hotel in Amman

11 03 2014

Dusk and it’s mild

Boogie, the hotel’s cat sleeps –

Echoes of Athaan

Sounds of the Present

20 02 2014

Bathroom clock ticking

A dog barking from afar –

A hint of sirens

City Night Sky

22 03 2010

Cloudy and polluted

Not even a star in sight

Just smog in the night

Pedestrian Bridge

13 03 2010

The mornings are cold

Up the stairs, over the bridge

Two streetkids asleep

Times Square

7 03 2010

Bright lights can be seen

In a puddle on the street

As people rush by

After Dark

6 03 2010

Driving alone

Listening to jazz

Night in the city

Daily Commute

2 03 2010

Free morning papers

Arrive, lunch and then depart

Free evening papers

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