6 10 2016

Two flies encircle

The dead rat on the shed roof

A gift from my cat

Above the Grapevines

25 05 2014

Orange, green and blue

Make a wonderful display –

Above the grapevine beams


Apple Blossom Tree

13 04 2014

Sniffing the blossoms

Bob is enjoying the scent

As much as I am


Hotel in Amman

11 03 2014

Dusk and it’s mild

Boogie, the hotel’s cat sleeps –

Echoes of Athaan


1 03 2014

Basking in the sun

Although t’was not directly…

Cat facing window

Cat Fur

23 02 2014

The scent of cat fur

Mildly earthy with sweet notes –

Nay, it smells of warmth

Sun Spot

8 03 2010

Carefully picked spot

Cat sleeping in the garden

Caressed by the Sun

Panda the cat

20 02 2010

A cat named Panda

Cute, but don’t let that fool you —

He killed a squirrel!

Panda the cat!

Cat Purring

19 02 2010

The sounds are soothing —

Knowing you are not alone

In the dead of night

Alley Cat

9 02 2010

The alley cat prowls

Midnight madness in his eyes —

Sirens from afar

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