Mother’s Day

30 03 2014

Today I’m making

Rose-scented Biryani –

Happy Mother’s Day


Rose-Scented Biryani made after posting


28 03 2014

Teaspoon of honey

Couple slices of ginger…

In a mug of tea

Sky Roads

24 03 2014

Numerous trails

Decorate the sky –

To where? I wonder



23 03 2014

For almost ten years

Did he wait for his master

Loyal till the end


23 03 2014

Some of them splatter

Whilst others simply bounce off –

Hailstones on windscreen

Chelsea v Arsenal

22 03 2014

Wrong player sent off

Down 4-0 at half time…

Trophy-less again

The Waiting

20 03 2014

Two month wait begins…

Reunited even though

We have yet to meet

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