Kyoto Spring

25 03 2010

Sweet and sour scent

What the nose already knows —

Colourful blossoms

City Night Sky

22 03 2010

Cloudy and polluted

Not even a star in sight

Just smog in the night


22 03 2010

Of light and guidance

Poetic and rhythmic flow

Unchanged to the dot


22 03 2010

A new year with Spring

Throughout vast territories

Of the Persian world


20 03 2010

Ponder and reflect

Think about your surroundings

Signs and proof of God

Grey Clouds

18 03 2010

The sun is shining

Yet grey clouds are closing in

Time to go inside

Night Winds

15 03 2010

The howling wind

Calling out in the darkness

A language I know not


15 03 2010

Clear blue skies above

The sound of an aeroplane

Taking in fresh air

Lone Mountain

14 03 2010

A lonely mountain

Its only companion

The snow on its peak


14 03 2010

Illuminati —

I refuse to be a slave

Liberate your mind

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