Mongol Invasion

21 02 2010

Sea of ink and blood

Sacked Library of Baghdad —

Knowledge lost for good



5 responses

21 02 2010

history is so tragic and sad:(!

ps.I like the new gravatar/picture, very artisty;)

21 02 2010

cheers, went for the ‘che’ look lol

22 02 2010

It was so upsetting for me when they destroyed the Indo-Soviet centre in Trivandrun…..many books were thrown in fire — books which had real fire in them 🙂

reminded of that….and i liked the cookery tip and the restless sun, though we fail to see the light on the otherside sometimes,

And about that picture — was about to say the Che look 🙂


22 02 2010

So much knowledge lost for good. And this is not the first time. Gives free reign to revisionist history.

6 03 2010

Yes, history of a people, a place, a time–leaving only memories.

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