Moorish Garden

28 02 2010

Along with the breeze

Scents of various blossoms

Splashes of fountains


28 02 2010

Under watchful eyes

Humid and damp rainforest

Cautious soldiers tread

Fluffy Snake

28 02 2010

Cat chasing

His own tail

Fluffy snake


27 02 2010

Robin perched on a branch

Please do not fly away

My pleas are in vain

Desert Rose

27 02 2010

The cactus flower

Like a rose in a desert —

But it does not last

City Sunrise

27 02 2010

The Sun’s reflection

Rising on the skyscrapers

Warming steel structures


27 02 2010

The hyenas laugh

As lions feast on the kill

Vultures wait their turn

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